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SO I have not really been doing my part of the book project -the story of THOUGHTS-
I have been a little to lazy, busy and having bad excuses to not write, and now I am having really hard to get in to
the project and write on it, even if I now am free all day.
Also I have not been so well because of personal reasons but does any of you have any tips how to get in to the writing.

I have been writing like 10 minutes, the playing computer games for 30 mins and then back to the writing, it seams to help
a little but I feel sooo BORED about writing even if I almost have everything done

also I need some one to double check the text when the chapter 1 is done, I am an horrible writer that does no0t want to have any limits. XD


Thoughts-TF's Profile Picture
Vehicle mode-…

Thoughts where first off lined by cosmick rust for his bad behavior after that as a human soldier from NEST gets close ho this ones dead body as she found this Chrystal shard in Thoughts dead rusted body.

Thoughts mind got locked inside the human girl's phone by accident as this Cybertronians

memories got wiped out clean.

But as time went she by another accident relived Thoughts as this got out from this human girl's cellphone and got a new body to live in, but this Cybertronian was not the same as before.

Shapes a violent movements flows threw Thoughts memories as so color fields and it is impossible to put them in the right place, He/she can not either remember what gender he/she is or what to be as everything around is spinning and causing Thoughts mind to be unstable in anger, confusion, violent and sadness.

Everyone around looks to also fear this one as they know this ones past and who Thoughts where

- an evil Decepticon mech.

As Thoughts can not remember anything about the past, it is hard to remember new things and understand. But there is one only memory, a little glint of sharp light is glowing threw Thoughts black and blurry memories and so has to find it and bring it back, though Thoughts does not even know what it is. It has to be found!

Side characters free for roleplaying

Grumium- (dead)
Grumium is an strong an self confident wrecker, he loved to work among Cons but not like he where with them. no Grumium loved to be the one to ceep them in check as he worked for quite some time with Redsiren also, but as one chaos broke out he died short after his comrade and left an son behind him.... Macrolince

Redsiren- (dead)

Macrolince-… an young but
illiterate little mechling. the world for him is still smal as his mother died in space and his father took care of him on the way to earth, but then on earth Macros father:Grumium took care of him inside their little apartment in the NEST base as almost none knew of the existance of Macrolince. this was the way Macro lived protected, till his father also died in the line of duty and he got an new family to live in- Awe and Graite.


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hello :3
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Oh how nice.
I am ot that much interested to by art, but thak you for sharing anyway :la:
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